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Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.07.05 01:52:44 (UTC+1)
Name: Mike

Greetings again, I finally have my printer setup and working but it now went into error mode for the bed temp. I am lining up some test prints for when it gets repaired. Can I ask what your setting are for the larger rocket in your video? I understand that this is a good test subject for many things so I want to print one when it is back up and working again..

Thanks so much!


Me: I can't say for sure, what settings I used in Slic3r, because I was doing a lot of experimenting and so the settings changed with each new print in the video and I did not save the settings after changes...
I had a look at the G-code file and so I can say that the first layer temperature was 210°C (65°C bed temperature) and 200°C (60° bed temperature) for all other layers. Layer height was set to 0.3mm as said in the video, zero infill and 2 layers wall thickness.


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.06.26 18:44:33 (UTC+1)
Name: Sudarshan..

I ordered one off gearbest.
Concerned about the quality of shipment.

Can you suggest some more mods to improve the printer (overall).
Say something based on the Son of Mega max by mark rehorst.

What are the must have mods(like the base plate wheel removal),
That I should consider right out of the box.


Me: Shipment takes time, but it works...
Besides removing two of the base plate wheels I did no modifications. I am just printing with my CR-10 as it is.


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.06.22 20:30:50 (UTC+1)
Name: Bob

Hi, how do you prevent the bed from wobbling if you remove the centre wheels on the Y axis?

Me: With the four wheels well adjusted, there is no reason why the bed should wobble more than with 6 wheels.


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.06.22 16:14:30 (UTC+1)
Name: Mike Evans

Thanks so much for your great review. Did you use PLA from gear best for your rocket print? I am going to order a C-10 and I wish to order some extra filament too. There are so many choices with PLA and I would like to order something proven.

Thanks again!

Me: Yes, the filament in this printer review was from Gearbest, same as that in my other reviews. It's no bad type of filament.


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.06.07 22:43:24 (UTC+1)
Name: William Hayden

Very good review.  I would appreciate a follow up to any new impressions or findings you have encounters through continued use of this printer.


Me: Thanks! I will do a comparison of my 3D printers, soon. Furthermore I will show prints used for projects every now and then.


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.05.29 20:40:18 (UTC+1)
Name: Peer

Danke für deine Hilfe!

Me: Bitte gerne!


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_en.htm
Date: 2017.05.27 12:05:25 (UTC+1)
Name: Peer

Hast du schon mit diesem Drucker Erfahrungen mit ABS gemacht? Ist es möglich, damit zu drucken?

Me: Von der Extrudertemperatur her ist das Drucken von ABS möglich, aber das Druckbett geht nur bis etwa 85 Grad, was für großflächige ABS-Werkstücke definitiv zu wenig ist. Kleine Objekte kann man drucken ohne dass sich diese während des Druckens ablösen. Wo die Grenze liegt, kann ich allerdings (noch) nicht sagen. Dazu müsste ich intensiver testen.


Seite: technics-machines-3D-printer-CR-10_ge.htm
Datum: 2017.04.24 13:51:05 (UTC+1)
Name: oruam19

Das ÕФ­Ã¨ (maneki neko) ist eigentlich Japanisch
Da ich das Schriftzeichen nicht lesen kann, könnte es auch, wie der Drucker, Chinesischer Herkunft sein.
unten im Text hast du durcj anstatt durch geschrieben

Me: Danke für den Hinweis zur Katzenfigur. Ich kann weder das Eine noch das Andere Lesen ;-)
Den Dreckfuhler habe ich soeben behoben.