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Page: robospatium-controlstation-R6_en.htm
Date: 2017.09.30 02:51:31 (UTC+1)
Name: asdf

hello world!

Me: Hello asdf!


Page: robospatium-controlstation-R6_en.htm
Date: 2017.09.29 23:36:20 (UTC+1)
Name: Alex


Me: Helo, too!


Page: robospatium-controlstation-R6_en.htm
Date: 2017.09.29 20:48:41 (UTC+1)
Name: Evan

This is great! Very inspiring. :)

It may be useful to transmit a real time feed of device state. That way you could know that the rover is still moving, even though you haven't received an updated image yet.

That way an experienced controller could stack up movement commands like "forward 10" "forward right 3" "forward 2" "forward right 2" "forward 10", without having to wait for images each time. A device state readout would require much less data throughput.

Take care, and thanks!

Me: Thanks for your feedback! That's what I need to improve my robots.
Yes, sending commands stacks (sort of) is what I have implemented in my first rover. It's a more Mars rover experience you get, however my planetary rover should be as simple to control as possible. No need to read long manuals to create rover instruction sets.
During night hours the camera uses long exposure mode (1s and more) which slows down the live stream noticeably. I am working on speeding that up or at least synchronise movement and transmission in a better way.


Page: robospatium-controlstation-R6_en.htm
Date: 2017.09.29 20:19:02 (UTC+1)
Name: reimer

mal sehen

Me: Guckst du hier ;-)


Page: robospatium-controlstation-R6_en.htm
Date: 2017.09.23 18:17:21 (UTC+1)
Name: Dusseldorf Doug

Hi, it looks great.  what are the learnings so far?  did the color vs. black and white really make a difference?
how about an upgrade?  - proximity sensors.  R6 needs back-up assistance!  :)

Thanks for sharing your rover!

Me: Hi Doug, thanks for your feedback!
It is indeed saving bandwidth. A black and white picture is only 70% in size of a color picture.
A sensor that is needed and will be added next is a battery watchdog to avoid deep discharge.


Page: robospatium-controlstation-R6_en.htm
Date: 2017.09.23 15:04:43 (UTC+1)
Name: Javier Traid

Excelent as ever, I try wifi coverange under the car without problem. Thanks you very mutch for the experience

Me: Thanks for your feedback! Under the car is very close to the access point (that is in the garage with the second 2CV). It was a bit worse down the yard this morning, so I placed the WLAN router closer to the garage door.
Tell your friends about my project(s). The more test drivers the better I can fine tune the software.