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Page: robospatium-crowdfunding2016-01_en.htm
Date: 2017.01.21 02:22:19 (UTC+1)
Name: Murat Genc

Hi there,
I like your videos a lot, and the way you're explaining your ideas.
I would like to see more robotic stuff on your channel though.
You are a great engineer but I think you need a technician work with you with the hardware.
Keep the great work, and awesome projects of yours.
You're one of the coolest guys I've known, thanks.

Me: Thanks!
My machines look a bit crude, because I try to:
1.) make things different
2.) keep it simple
I want to turn my audience into makers and so inspire them to build own machines rather than telling "look what beautiful things I can do".
Nonetheless with my latest CNC and more machines to come, the look of my robots might become more charming over time.
Currently I am working on a new type robot, which is why it takes a lot of time to make it work - stay tuned!


Page: robospatium-crowdfunding2016-01_en.htm
Date: 2016.07.25 22:04:32 (UTC+1)
Name: emin from london or shalley

because lou is a dog's name from cats and dogs for me i watched it alot of time i like the music. also i watched the whole movie of this movie i got this 5 years ago when i was a kid aged 5 and the movie i got was  made  in the year 2001.

Me: So I should also add a speaker and make the robot bark ;-)
I heard about that movie, but did not watch it (yet).


Page: robospatium-crowdfunding2016-01_en.htm
Date: 2016.07.25 19:30:50 (UTC+1)
Name: emin from london or shalley

call him LOU

Me: LOU? Why?


Seite: robospatium-crowdfunding2016-01_ge.htm
Datum: 2016.06.06 23:12:26 (UTC+1)
Name: Perma

Einfach nur toll!
Soweit ich kann, möchte ich dieses Projekt unterstützen!

Dazu zwei Fragen:

Wie wird später der Rover lackiert(per Hand, Schablonen, industriell)?
Da sich danach ja die Komplexität des Motives anpassen muss (Bilder oder nur grob mit Farben).

Darf eine Person mehrere Einsendungen für Lackierung und Namen senden?

Vielen Dank und viel Erfolg!
Gruß aus dem sonnigen Kiel.

Me: Wie so vieles, ist auch die Art der Lackierung noch nicht in Stein gemeißelt. Es hängt halt, wie du bereits bemerkt hast, irgendwie vom Motiv ab. Im einfachsten Fall wird das Motiv gedruckt und aufgeklebt. Wenn der Künstler selbst Hand anlegen möchte, kann ich den Roboter auch vorbeisenden. Ich bin zumindest völlig talentfrei, was den Umgang mit Pinsel oder Lackierpistole angeht...
Mehrere Vorschläge von ein und der selben Person? Warum nicht!


Page: robospatium-crowdfunding2016-01_en.htm
Date: 2016.06.06 21:48:08 (UTC+1)
Name: seamiki

Huge and interesting idea.
I definitely see it as a show room for schools adopting the project and getting the hands on approach.
It could be a full learning program for the period the R6 is adopted.
Getting to know the insides of the R6 lesson by lesson while watching it alive at school and controlling via internet from home... a continous stimulus to get to know next lesson.
At the same time the school could show up its own rover development.
It would be the first "self replicating rover".thx

Me: It would be great to control a rover that I haven't created by myself ;-)
Yes, inspiring groups all over the world to start creating own projects is the main intention of my pages. Many copies of my machines already exist, but no Rover, yet.