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Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-Zonestar-M8R2_en.htm
Date: 2019.02.03 23:29:36 (UTC+1)
Name: Horacio Ramirez Resendiz


Hi, I have a problem with my M8R2, the temperature reaches 200 and it gets cold quickly, inpidiendo melting the filament, the support team of zonestar has a week without answer, here what would you advise me to do?

Me: If you set the temperature to 200°C, there is nothing unusual that the hotend gets that temperature. If you turn it off, there is nothing unusual that it cools down. I can't see what your problem actually is. Maybe make a video or explain at least in more detail what EXACTLY you are doing and what you expect to happen. I am no mentalist.
Have a look at the column contact.


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-Zonestar-M8R2_en.htm
Date: 2018.10.11 22:09:11 (UTC+1)
Name: leifgw64

Good work Norbert!
I got one m8r2 myself, and helped a friend build one too.
Would be nice to know if this Marlin firmware is worth to use instead of Repetier.

We had lot of problem with plastic leaking out from the hot end.
We fixed that, by tighening them hard and applying some loc-tite.
We also have problem with some of the motordrivers, had to make an extra cooling otherwise they overheat.

Me: The Marlin firmware offers far less functions from the printer menue, but at least on my machine the results in two tone printing were better.
I'll have an eye on plastics leaking and the motor driver temperature on future prints, I did not notice anything wrong with that on my machine (yet).
Thanks for sharing your ideas!