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Page: technics-mechanics-speed_en.htm
Date: 2015.09.11 at 09:47:46 (UTC+1)
Name: Pravin Kumar

Excellent website, I too have just discovered it, a simple easy to understand and practical approach to a technological subject. My 9 year old son was amazed by the CNC mill using everyday components so much so that he has pressured me into building it.
Thank you for sharing.
>From Durban South Africa

Me: Thanks for all the good words. Would be nice to see your son's CNC soon.


Page: technics-mechanics-speed_en.htm
Date: 2015.06.01 at 06:16:02 (UTC+1)
Name: Abelardo Ramiro

Excellent site just dicovered it and i am hooked.
Love your teachings as well as how simple you make it attracts the novice without making them fearful.
Using cheap materials to build the cnc is a real plus to understand the concept research it without expending an arm and a leg.
can u explain how the photosensors work with the regular elecric motor?
Thanks Norbert have a great half life

Me: Thanks! The working principle of the photo sensors and the DC motors is explained in more detail in the chapter about the Arduino Uno.